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model library

Freely useable models created in Realsoft 3D

The user list has been talking about making a stock library of usable, practical models for RS3D. Hence we have started off here, what we hope will be a "fortnightly topic" for models. This topic is NOT a contest - there is NO timeframe - but more of a catalyst to get people thinking, and creating models for submission here, and for all to use. Feel free to submit ANY model - and models for past topics are most welcome.

We will put ALL submitted models online - and credit all authors. Hopefully we will end up with enough models that we can start to categorise them and end up with a real MODEL LIBRARY !

The current topic is: AEROPLANES !

Model up a realistic plane or a make believe one. They DO NOT have to be fancy or complex. It can be as simple as a few analytical cubes. Shoot your submissions HERE. October 2003

Remember to put all materials and textures in a zip file (Save textures option) and please optimise all bitmaps used (eg jpgs). Procedural textures preferred where possible. As a general rule, keep file sizes optimised as well by saving with just Objects and Materials turned on under the "Selected sections" checkbox.

If possible, please include a comment to go with your model, and a render of the object saved as JPG 300 pixels wide to use as a thumbnail.

Email all models to HERE for inclusion. Thanks, Bernie. B)

Past Topics / Model Library:


Scale Scene -

This scene is purely for setting a sense of scale to all submitted projects. Its of little use if everyone makes objects of varying scale, so we encourage you to create your objects to scale. Units in Realsoft are by default, in metres. Hence 1.0 = 1m, 0.1 = 100mm. Load the scene by setting "Selected sections" in the load dialogue - select Objects, Grid, Windows and OK. The objects in the scene are for guide purposes - so don't feel like you have to keep them ;) 46k scene - Realsoft v4.5 - Click HERE to download R3d file.


Miscellaneous models -

This is the link to the "old" model page - as more models are added, we will categorise them into a meaningful order.

Click HERE to view page.


Lamp models -

December 22nd's topic - Model a lamp and send in.

Click HERE to view the contributions


Chair models -

December 2nd's topic - Model a chair and send in.

Click HERE to view the contributions


GI Scenes -

December 8th's topic - Global Illumination scenes, Hints & Tips.

Check out the tips HERE.


Matthias models -

Matthias has sent in a half dozen GREAT models for RS users -

check out his work by clicking HERE.


Tree models -

This is the link to the trees model page. A couple of great 3D trees by Frank Bueters online now.

Click HERE to view page.


Swords & Shields models -

Model up some great looking armoury !

Click HERE to view page.


Car models -

Model up some cars !

Click HERE to view page.


Toy models -

Model up some Toys !

Click HERE to view page.


Human models -

Model up some Human Parts !

Click HERE to view page.


Glass models -

Model up some Scenes with Glass. Turn on Caustics and crank those CPU's !

Click HERE to view page.


Robot models -

Models of Robots and Robotic Components !

Click HERE to view page.


Building models -

Models of Buildings created in Realsoft 3D !

Click HERE to view page.


Plane models -

Models of Aeroplanes for use in Realsoft 3D !

Click HERE to view page.

Page updated on Wednesday, 15 October, 2003 . For feedback / model submissions or articles - please email us.
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