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macros / javascripts

Useful macros and javascripts archive

Here we are going to make a collection of macros that users have sent in, along with a collection of Javascripts and Building Blocks files.


These can be loaded into Realsoft 3D natively - simply load the file, check the "selected items only" checkbox, and select "Macros" only, turn off REPLACE checkbox and load.

Split face - map macro

D/L macro


Here's how to use it. Take your sds object in polygonal mode that you want to texture map individual faces for and select the faces you want to detach in edit face mode. ( I found detaching faces individually and applying maps was the best way to get control over tiling etc for building models). Apply the macro "SDS-face-detach-map" (or something like that). I recommed binding it to a key combination like <alt>-d or -m. It will make a duplicate of the sds object, create an input plane based on the selected face, invert selected faces and destroy extraneous faces, then start parallel mapping the object. Go to the context bar and pick the material you want, then draw the mapping object with point snapping to the desired area. Then you'll probably want to go back to the
original object and delete the face you split off.

Macro by CM - Mungenast & Standley



These are scripts that need to be either run as Realsoft 3D files or placed into the /Realsoft3d/Scripting directory.

Constraint methods

D/L scripts


this package supplies 4 new constraint methods:-

  • Position constraints - Constrains source objects to targets based on their position, changing the 'Density' of the targets to zero disables the targets effect (useful for animating characters picking objects up).
  • Look at constraints - Constrains the source objects to look at the target, useful for tracking turrets, security cameras or eyeballs.
  • Orientation constraints - Constrains the source objects to have the average rotation of the target objects. Useful for rotating wheels.
  • Caterpillar constraints - Constrains a chain of objects to follow one another around, useful for water droplets.

Scripts by Frank Dodd


Sun & Moon calculator

D/L scripts


Have you ever needed to put the sun in a scene to work out shadows at certain times of the year ? I certainly do. Sadly, this feature is sorely missed in Realsoft (Its built into most 3D applications) - So I pestered Frank, and he came up with this amazing script ! To make it work for your region, you will need your longitute and lattitude. To find this out - try this link. Top marks from me ! Many thanks Frank ! - Bernie B)

"Just put the r3d file in your layers directory and the js file in your scripting directory.

You need to load the SunMoonScene layer first then run the script. You can replace anything in the scene all you need is the Sun and the moon levels, the objects in these must be in the north position and level with the plane." Another hint - you can replace the spot light with a direction light for consistent shadows. - B)

Scripts by Frank Dodd

Building Blocks VJS

These are files that the plugin Building Blocks uses - source code so users can modify the Javascript codes easily.

Gear II

D/L scripts


Frank has updated is GEAR creation script.

  • Included is the Javascript version as well as the Building Blocks file.

Scripts by Frank Dodd



D/L zip


Frank has created this beaut conversion utility:

  • This is a tool for converting Shells created with the ShellyLib program and saved in RPL to JavaScript so they can be used in RS3D if you don't have Real3D.

Script by Frank Dodd

email us if you would like to add your macros here.

Page updated on Tuesday, 18 May, 2004 . For feedback / model submissions or articles - please email us.
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