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Here are some example screen snapshots of Realsoft 3D:

This view shows the standard interface. The top icons represent the tabbed toolbar layout. All basic primitives, lights, objects and systems are selectable from here. Shown is the Light source tab. Underneath this toolbar is the context sensitive toolbar which shows relevant editing/changable parameters for the selected object. In this case we have selected a nurbs mesh that has a trim curve applied. On the left is our tabbed select window. Shown here are the objects tab - all objects in RS3D are listed in an easily changed select window. One can drop objects to levels, drop other object underneath others to make them construction curves or trim curves (Like the mesh shown) Hence allowing the user to change the construction curves later. Similarly, Booleans are levels that have sub object inside - one can easily move and change these sub object (even animate) to alter the final boolean object.
To the right of the view are the various view settings - Open GL, camera views, zoom, grids and snaps etc.
At the base is the timeline and the info window.

This window shows the materials tab on the left selected. Note that one can view materials by preview icon (as shown) or in a list format. All material previews are updated automatically when any change to the materials are made. (note: material previews are like any other view and one can tilt, zoom and pan the preview window to examine the material - even change the objects used to generate the preview - completely editable like any other scene.)
The top tabbed toolbar shows the "unified" toolset that has been developed by the Realsoft team to simplify the creation process. All objects are made from these 4 basic primitve buttons: Curve, Circle, Rectangle and Sphere.

This view shows the NURBS Construction toolbar at the top.

In the select window is the Macro section - allowing the user to record any action to views, object creation or editing. Simply press Record - then turn off when done ! One can bind this recorded macro to keys, or save with each project. Below the macros is a new "Selection" collapsable window showing wildcard selection of objects.

Note: it is possible to completely change the buttons/view layout and keyboard shortcuts. (Refer to environments to see the variety of screen layouts possible) Shown here are the default settings. (shown small to fit into this page ;)


Shown here are some larger images and screenshots of Realsoft 3D.

Quad View - Showing how RS3D can be altered to work in quad view.
Construction History - Showing how RS3D uses sub-objects as a method of object post-construction editability.
Network Rendering - Shows RS3Ds screen layout and mid render for a rendering distributed across a network.
NURBS - Showing some of the basic NURB features
Screengrab - 1280x1024 typical screenshot and work environment I use.
Select window - The Bread and butter window for RS3D. Showing directory structure.
VSL - Visual Shading Language. A drag and drop approach to creating complex materials without a line of code !
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