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newsletter archive

3D Render Daemon weekly newsletters archive

Render Daemon Newsletter #16


Vesa (Realsoft) has kindly donated 2 new materials for people to ooo and ahh over - 3 marbles and a Fresnel metal. Really nice - check them out:

We have a new article online - from the very talented Gunnar Radeloff ! Read all about Gunnar, his time at DID and what he's up to now:

Stefan (Beg) has put a mammoth effort into writing a very interesting tutorial on animating along nurbs paths using min/max. Well worth a read. Very comprehensive with many example animations. View online or download the zip of it all.

The robots topic was another tough one obviously, as I received only ONE submission - the fantastic BAZ bot from Frank Dodd. Please feel free to send in your models to make this page worthwhile.


The winner of the Comic Characters contest was: K-UDA ! A big congratulations

Don't forget that the DIRT contest closes at the end of this month (August) so get to work on those dirty images !


  • Michael is still plugging away with good success at the Mac Port for Realsoft3D, despite getting all manner of ideas for other plugins, his time is being focussed on the port.
  • Carlo has set a release date for RealCloth: 25th September 2003 ! He's also working on a "lite" version ! . He also says the next plugin to be released will be RealBoom (Particle system) !
  • Realsoft Oy has been hard at work in the background with v5, with animation getting a big developmental hit. Stay tuned for more details.

The newsletter is keeping a close eye on the latest Realsoft community team animation, when asked about its progress Frank replied: -

"Although it stalled a bit last week due to illness, I have had some amazing work in from the guys in the form of concept artwork. Bernie was first with an excellent sketch of the temples interior which completely altered how I was imagining it and then Patrick did the same with some inspiring concept artwork on the Squid ship. You can see these great pieces of work at the Sketches & Concept Art section of the Dreamers homepage. We also now have Endre joining the team and picking up the 'Forest' task which should be a really interesting model."

"I have personally updated my latest WIP of the Dreamer Character that can be seen on the modelling page, it still has a lot of work to go on it though (especially after I have seen the quality of the work that is starting to appear from the other guys!)"

Model Library

The next months topic will be:


Model any building you like. From your bedroom, to your backyard shed. No need for things to be complex or hard. Give it a bash and lets make some models worth sharing for the community.

PLEASE keep the submissions of Realsoft related materials coming in - and have a top week. Keep checking the coming weeks for new content.

Render Daemon Newsletter #15


Some terrific models have snuck in in the past few weeks, probably without many people noticing

Check out the models02 page, as well as cars and glass. Many thanks to all contributors - please keep those contributions coming in !


Is now up and running due to a big effort from Boris Jahn. The new website:

The cartoon characters contest has now closed as of a few days ago. But voting is left up to you - so please log onto the website (and register) and cast your vote before July 10.

The next image contest topic is : DIRT.

So get the DirtyReyes material off the materials page - and go wild !

There is also a new ANIMATION contest running. BIG prizes, basically we want to see ALL your high quality work submitted (done in Realsoft 3D of course). Check out the following link for details. You have plenty of time to work on this one


Not a great deal of things that one can divulge at this point, but needless to say that all the programmers are hard at work in the background.

  • Michael is plugging away with good success at the Mac Port for Realsoft3D.
  • Alessandro is very busy of late working with Chrono
  • Carlo has just returned from his Honeymoon - A big congratulations to Carlo ! He tells us he's keen as mustard to start programming again, so he's full steam ahead working on RealCloth.
  • Realsoft Oy is being very professional these days with the testing procedures for the upcoming v5 release. A tight ship is running and the next release is set to be a blinder ! Development continues and the new release will probably appear this year. I can let one picture slip -

    Which shows you the now renderable nurbs splines (YAY) As usual in RS - shadows, materials, reflections - fantastic work.

Model Library

Boris has given the next topic the nod:


Model any robotic part / component or whole object. Lets get some great looking machines happening in anticipation for Chrono

PLEASE keep the submissions of Realsoft related materials coming in - and have a top week. Keep checking the coming weeks for new content

Render Daemon Newsletter #14


A great new article from Richard Swingwood - gives us a bit of background behind his plugin: Realman 3D :)

Model Library
Robert has submitted another two Toys - a great train object and some ducks :)

For the current topic: Glass, I have received:

No submissions. :(

I guess that topic was a fizzer. I'm wondering (By the lack of submissions on topics) if people are actually losing interest in the concept of a model library for RS3D ?

I'll give it one more try: We'll drop the glass topic - and move straight onto a new topic. It will be:


Model up some cartoony / realistic / some hands / feet / torso's. Grab some 3ds models and convert to RS - give people a head start for their characters and upload some starting points of a human face. Whatever you feel like sharing.

Endre has already suggested this topic and sent in some amazing meshes. So depending on the feedback / submissions for this topic will determine if we keep the model library alive.

Render Daemon Newsletter #13

G'day all RS users ! A rather quiet April has crept buy - but I feel that everyone is busy behind the scenes !


No new articles this newsletter - that's my fault - I have not been chasing any. If anyone has any suggestions or would like some "advertising" shoot me a line.

David Coombs has finished Part 5 of his Raytracing articles - to view the final installment of his excellent series click here.

3 new tutorials are up: goto Tutorials Main.
They were all sent to the list - but are now archived on the Daemon site for all to view: Etched (matte) glass tute by Arjo Mapping basics by Rob SDS head modelling by Henrik

Model Library

A disspointing topic: Toys yielded few submissions :( click HERE to goto Toys page
But we have some very nice models online: Brandon made some nice toys, as well as Franks chess set and Francesco made a beautiful plane.

Tijai sent in his wild E-Racer model under Cars: click HERE to goto Cars page.

I'm hoping some people will share their recent GI "baking" experiments with us all to put under the GI models page.

For next weeks topic - I have chosen: GLASS. click here for more details

This should be great fun - make vases, glass ornaments - use GI to bounce light - soft shadows look great with glass. Have some fun -push RS's ability to render fantastic caustics and glass. I look forward to getting some really novel models this time round.


All the programmers are hard at work. Alessandro is busy writing manuals, Boris is getting the Image contest site up to speed. Carlo is looking to tie the knot soon and Mirco is getting some brainwave ideas on new RS plugins and possibilities, the Realsoft team are hard at work with new features and fixes.

Hopefully next newsletter we'll have some more interesting tidbits to share with you all.

Keep modelling and enjoy the read !

email us if you would like to add your materials here.


Render Daemon Newsletter #12

G'day all RS users ! Another busy fortnight has transpired - and Service Pack 1 has been released !


I get the good oil out of JASON SAUNDERS this week. He gives us a rundown of his buisness: Pixel Perfect and inserts some self promotion in there ;) To read, go HERE:

David Coombs has had a busy week and is still working on Part 5. Stay tuned to read his great articles on Raytracing.

Frank has added his new GEAR II Javascript to the library. Check it out
- Great fun for creating sprockets of all sizes !

Frank Dodd has also created a fantastic tutorial for BB and how to model up a gas flame ! Check it out online now:

Model Library
Brandon Moon seems to be only one modelling this week ! Two great submissions from him, some stack rings and a toy plane. View / download them here:

For next weeks topic - I'm open for suggestions ! Please email me some ideas for the sorts of models YOU would like to see here / what you would find useful - and most importantly, fun models for people to create.


Alessandro is hard at work on Chrono still. His latest comment was: "working on a new Chrono demo project where the user can drive an airplane like in a videogame (chrono computes the aereodynamical forces depending on flap rotations, etc.)"

Boris has taken the reigns of the Image Contest, and has this to say about the new site / administration:

" The new image contest will start middle of this month with voting for the topics. I'm setting up a community system based on postnuke (for more information look at ).
I'm hopefull that all will be up and working by the end of next week. All sponsors will keep sponsoring the contest. Those prizes won't go only to the winner either.. the runner-ups will also recieve prizes depending how many prizes for this contest will be available.
A big sorry for the delay and missing a contest this year."

Keep modelling and enjoy the read !

Render Daemon Newsletter #11

The Render Daemon has a NEW HOME ! (note new address Many thanks to Realsoft for kindly donating the web space !

My apologies for the delay of this newsletter, but I have been totally innundated with work the last week.

The Render Daemon newsletter will become a fortnighly release, to make them more worthwhile.


Henri Pulla has put fingers to keyboard to give us some background on his company, St Que. Also talks about how he used Icarus, the motion tracking system in RS. To read, go HERE:

David Coombs has completed Part 4 of his Rendering tutorials. Very interesting stuff ! Read online here:

Model Library
We have had another sword sent in thanks to Robert den Broeder, another mind blowing detailled number. Mirco promises to send his light sabre in shortly as well. View / download them here:

The car topic was too tough judging by the response (1 submission). Hence I felt compelled to add one of my car library numbers in there. If anyone has started a car, please feel free to submit it in WIP if necessary. It need not be realistic - it can be a cartoon SDS car / bike - any vehicle.


Get out your slinkies, water pistols and teddy bears ! This week, get modelling on some fun plastic numbers and show us what Realsoft is capable of producing ! Email your submissions to me.


While I dare not jinx them, but RS says SP1 is but days away now ;)

Dynadream is hard at work fixing all the bugs for Realcloth. Carlo is trying to get the product ready for market very shortly. Pricing / website and product info should be set in a matter of weeks now.

To keep your appetite salivating - here are some example animations of Realcloth and Realwobble in action ! (max size 950k each)

Keep modelling and enjoy the read !

email us if you would like to add your materials here.

Page updated on Friday, 5 September, 2003 . For feedback / model submissions or articles - please email us.
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