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Why should I choose Realsoft 3D ?
The Best Price vs. Performance
"Check out the feature list!"

Realsoft 3D offers the best price/performance ratio on the market. The program is loaded with powerful high-end features. The advanced features are included in the affordable standard package. We do not charge you extra by selling them as plugins.


Safe Investment
"Realsoft 3D matches your skills"

Realsoft 3D is suitable for novice users as well as skilled professionals in the 3D industry! This may sound astonishing; however, Realsoft 3D achieves this with its open architecture and modular design. We all know that inexpensive entry-level packages are useless for professionals. At the other end of the spectrum, the high-end programs are either too difficult or expensive for beginners. Also, if you buy a 3D package with a closed architecture, after a while you discover that you have exhausted all its possibilities. You then face the unpleasant prospect of having to buy another product and learn everything again.

Realsoft 3Dís completely configurable user interface allows you to start using the program with just the basic, easy-to-use tools. As you gain skill and knowledge of the program, you can add more advanced tools to your working environment. The program grows along with your skills, providing a safe investment for your money.


Easy-To-Use Interface
"If you can see it, you can apply it"

Realsoft 3D is easy to use. The flexible and dynamic user interface guides the user by making available only those tools relevant to the current operation, and can be adapted to each work situation. Furthermore, powerful tool functionality has not been sacrificed to achieve this goal. Tool access at different skill levels is seamless, and simply a matter of choice.

  • A novice user can drag and drop a steel material from the default library onto a logo object that was built automatically by the font extrusion tool.
  • A skilled user can model a logo using the powerful subdivision surface toolkit, and then use his imagination to define a completely new kind of anisotropic material using the Visual Shading Language.
  • A novice user can use the "Animation Record" mode to modify objects at different points in time to create an animation.
  • A skilled user can build a library of "motion components," and then use the Choreography editor to blend these motion components into a finished animation.


The Best Rendering Quality
"Photorealism redefined"

The rendering engine of Realsoft 3D processes data using 64 bits per channel. The result is a level of accuracy billions of times greater than traditional 8 bit per channel renderers! For example, you could simulate natural phenomena such as the extensive brightness variations and highlight flares that can be seen on a water surface on a clear sunlit day.


"Build your favorite user interface"

The flexibility of the user interface is superior. Realsoft 3D is not only a software package; it also includes a GUI development system. You can configure any kind of user interface simply by dragging and dropping suitable components to desired locations. In this way, you can completely and efficiently tailor one or more working environments with exactly the right kind of floating and docked windows, buttons, menus, hotkeys and other elements. This valuable feature allows you to get the most out of your working time, whether you are a home hobbyist or a professional working in a demanding production environment where every mouse click required to access a tool can be one click too much.


Open Architecture
"Limited only by your imagination"

The core program elements are a set of general-purpose power features. The highest level of the user interface makes these features available in easy-to-use combinations. Advanced users can access the low-level features directly, and combine them in new ways to achieve unique and powerful workflow environments. For example:
  • Materials and procedural textures can be defined using the Visual Shading Language. Instead of having to wait several months or more for the next software release to obtain a special material feature, we can email the required VSL material to you in a matter of days.
  • You can create muscle deformations by keyframing individual muscle points that respond to the angle of a bone.
  • You can combine lattice mapping and keyframing. The result is keyframing in curved space, which makes detailed control of animated path deformations an easy task.


Modern Design
"Looking ahead"

Do you already own a 3D software package? Then try using it to "point edit" a path curve while an animation preview is playing! No problem if you are using Realsoft 3D. This is just one possibility that is attainable through Realsoft 3Dís state-of-art design.

Realsoft 3D has been developed using the latest object-oriented programming techniques. Despite the feature richness of the first release, the development has only just begun. The new system offers a productive and efficient development environment without bottlenecks or dead ends. It is platform independent, modular, 100 % open, and designed for the future.


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